Sunday, May 17, 2009

Freedom Artists Contest in Malibu

Two weekends ago I went to a Freedom Artists Contest at West Zuma Beach in Malibu. It was hella windy but the waves were trashing enough to make a splash and it turned out to be a pretty good contest for its size.

From Surfline:

The 3rd Annual Freedom Artists Surf Series ignited during the last week of April with a Solid SSW Groundswell at Westward Beach. Surfers such as Danny Fuller, Josh Curran, Kalani Robb, Colin Giles, Noah Ericsson, Danny Estes, Quinn McCrystal, and Kilian Garland came to compete and show their support for this grassroots LA-homegrown surf series.


The Camper!!

Local shops including Becker, Clout, Santa Monica Surf Shop, ZJ's, Revolution, and Val Surf showed their support as well. The whole vibe was family and friends -- collective ingredients for a great day on the beach and an amazing summer in the making.
Next up: Contest #2 at Zuma Beach June 13th, Contest #3 at County Line July 18th, and The Championships at Leo Carrillo August 21st.


1. Chris Friend
2. Killian Garland- SB LOCO
3. Chad Compton
4. Danny Estes

1. Skylar Sausser
2. Tyler Thornsley
3. Joe Rickabaugh
4. Matty Parker

1. Andrew Jacobson
2. Skylar Lawson
3. Henry McNamara
4. Parker Coffin- SB LOCO

1. Frankie Harrer
2. Thelen Mckinna-Worrell
3. Mickey Clarke
4. Connor Lundy

Old Guys
1. Steve Lippman
2. Dale Rhodes
3. Carlos "Bam Bam" Delomo
4. Tony Mendes

Freedom Artists is an up and coming surf brand out of Malibu
Official Press Release on Transworld

Freedom Artists is an art based clothing label. Our mission is to provide an environment that allows artists the freedom and independence to create and show case some of their best work. Our background is surfing, skating and snow boarding- this is what we grew up doing and they were all the same in our mind- one big way of life. These sports are artistic and rebellious in nature and are a breeding ground for all types of artists- surfers, skaters, snowboarders, filmmakers, photographers, painters, musicians and writers. This is who we are.

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