Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

My name is Caterina and I will be contributing to Kilian's Blog- Surfing Life SB/ Kilgarz Land. I spend lots of good time with this kid, and KILGAR truly is one of kind among his breed. I observe lots of kewl things going all the time with Kilian, and I am here to blog it on da blog spot and let all of yal know what's the happs! I am Santa Barbara born and raised local till I die, family included, and over the years,me and my fam have seen the likes of Tom Curren, Bobby Martinez, Tom Sims, Al Merrick, Chris Brown, John Bradbury, Aaron Ernst, and many more all make their moves in this town in terms of surfing, and Kilian posses the qualities and skill set, among all these other SB Surfing Legends, to make it to the top and shine, and you bet your ass I will help him twinkle. Kilian is good people. Nuff said. Love you baby.

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