Monday, October 26, 2009

My Contest in Tofino

So I heard their was spots in a 6 star ASP surf comp coming up so I entered myself right away.The contest was the first WQS event in Canada and even the first asp contest ever held there.I got on a flight with my team mate Alex Gray and team manager Mike Guarino and also my team manager's Fiance Lena . The contest site is in Tofino B.C. which is a awesome place.The wildlife is expansive, the ocean is vibrant,the people are nice, and the whether could change instantaneous. Mike Guarino got the volcom team a great house on the water in the bay around the corner from the contest.We got a great view of the bay! Everyone has been lighting fireworks,fires,watching football,watching surf videos and just chillen... hope ya enjoy da photos

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