Monday, April 5, 2010

O'neill Coldwater Classic Tasmania '10

I really enjoyed traveling down under and going to the Australian state of Tasmania. The area where they hold the O'neill Coldwater Classic is abundant with surf and surf spots they had about three surf spots to run the event Nettle's Bay, Lighthouse Beach,and Bluff reef. Bluff reef never quite got big enough for the contest to move there but from the looks of last years event it is a very heavy slab. Nettle's Bay was kinda a long rolling beach break with rocky surroundings okay for contest surfing but not ideal. The Lighthouse Beach was an interesting setup with rugged rocks surrounding a beach a left would roll into the point and down the beach rights would spin down the line. This ended up being the contest site most the of time. The area is ever so expansive with fields of cattle and other creatures it is a spectacular place. I suggest visiting someday!

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