Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Trips to Panama and Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Arugam Bay

Panama canal


National Park Sri Lanka

Emily's Panama

I recently embarked on two trips one to Panama, and the other to Sri Lanka. One was for a photo trip to Morro Negrito Panama; the other was a contest trip to Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka. Panama was really tropical and beautiful. After we arrived we in Panama, we went and checked out the Panama Canal. It was was a cool experience to see huge cargo ships passing through such a small gap. After about a 20 or more hour trip, we arrived on a secluded island on the Pacific Coast.  The crew in Panama was Branden Arroyan, Jose Marie Cabera, Nicalau Von Rupp, Juan Fernandez, Guilermo Alfonso, and a few other campers. It was a great trip minus a good size swell. I hope to head back and surf these spots again. Thanks goes out to Juan Fernandez of Surfer Rule Magazine for inviting  Branden and I  on this trip.

 Sri Lanka was rad! We got great waves and Austin Ware ended up making it to the quarter finals in the 6 star rated event put on by Sri Lanka Airlines. Austin and I met up over there and shared a place not far from Arugam Bay where they held the event.  We saw some cool things besides nice waves like a buddhist temple, a national wildlife park, a herd of elephants, and the culture of the local people! It was a special experience for sure and one I would live again given the time and money. Also congrats to Julian Wilson who won the event and Nat Young who placed Second.

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yo kill,good job in africa.keep it up u r going to make the tour.what about some trick tips.keep it simpl 4 us bigginers.speed-flow-barrel ride-fins free wak. u get wat im saying