Friday, June 3, 2011

Stop number one of the Bud Light Lime Surf Series

"This is the best contest I have ever been to" Said Hune~r as he drinks his Bud Light Lime, As things started to wind down on the final day of competition. He was there to have a good time and watch his mates and hometown hero out of Santa Barbara Chris Brown surf in the Legends of the Bud Tour. He showed up to expect any standard contest but was amazed by the luxury of the contest area Bud Light Lime provided as a contest sponsor. This is huge to a lot of surfers and surf contest fans. Surf contest have started to change by having more beach giveaways,food,drinks,and activities for competitors and fans alike.This keeps a more positive vibe going in and out of the water for a more delightful event. The ending outcome of everyone leaving the beach with more than a sticker or poster. I was super stoked when Benji Weatherly invited me to this event and watching the best surfers in the world from out in the water was insane. I watched a lot of the Legends of Bud Tour on TV as a young kid. The rest of the rooster of the Pro I saw in surf movies and on the Asp world tour so to be in the same contest was a huge honer. I surfed in the Nssa with some of the guys so to be back at Church kinda felt like a surf contest ruin ion The Hawaiians were in full effect and having a great time.
 Nate Tyler having some watermelon with his wife Jody and Tava and Zealand Post (Dave Post's kids)
                     Plenty of TV's for World Champion Sunny Garcia to watch a few fights.
      Slater yeewww!!!
                        Caterina and Kelly Slater
      Cote dancing away....
       Cote laid down some sick mixes for the crowd at the OC Tavern during the contest party. I got psyched!!!!
    Pascal would like to  request some 80's music....
    This is me probably telling my story from the night before.
   Hun~er S...and Amber
     The boys get ready to watch the announcement of the Legends of the Bud Tour.
     The Legends of the Bud Tour make a return to the pro surfing stage.
    Caterina and CJ Kahuna
     Brownie, Hun~er S...Kilgar
    Rowley, Dave Stanfield, Kelly Slater,Chris Brown,

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