Sunday, February 19, 2012

Rincon Classic 2012

The 2012 Rincon Classic was one awesome event!! I made my way back from Santa Cruz just in time to catch the finals. I had never shown up so late in the day as I mostly get to the beach early to surf heats.So when I got there I was not able to find parking near the con I ended up parking about a mile away. I was on set for the Of Men and Mavericks at Steamer Lane. So I did not get to compete this year. It was really cool to just watch the event from a spectator's point of view. Then when you add Bobby Martinez and Dane Reynolds to the pro final you get some exciting performance surfing. The other two surfers to compete against Bobby and Dane were Parker Coffin and Pete Mussio. They both have with the capability of dropping high scores and taking down a classic victory.It was a nail bitter till the end with Bobby in the lead till right before the buzzer. Dane who had been trying his air tricks after pulling one in the start of the heat finally stuck one right in front of the judging tower. It was not announced( that dane won) until later that night at the Maritime Museum. At the Classic every division is fun to watch. I was so stoked to see all the finals this year.I will be ready to surf in the event next year though.
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                                                                       Loren and Aubrey

                                                                     Jesse Billauer and Chris Keets

                                                                  Marc Grandle from Alki
                                                                  Acai was served to the crowd!!!
                                                        Stars like Lisa Anderson were at the con
                                                                     Dane with his game face on...
                                                                             Big Wave Dave
                                                                 Dane takes to the sky.
                                                                My lovely girlfriend and I
                                                    Nathan "Winky" Winkles 2012 Mens Champ
                                                                         Pro Champ Dane Reynolds
                                                        Pete "tweety" Mussio 3rd place Pro

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