Friday, October 12, 2012

N.C to Nyc and Back

I recently just got home from a long trip out East!!! Well I had a great time cruising with host Billy Hume. I started off in Nags Head, North Carolina at the Bud Light Lime Labor Day Cup hosted by Benji Weatherly. It was a great way to start off my voyage and the stacked field of competitors tore apart Jeanettes Pier. The winner of that event was Gabe Kling he was on fire with his backside cracks throwing gallons of water towards Africa.  During the event Billy Hume offered to give me a ride up to New York for The Right Coast Cup Unsound Pro and let me crash at his parents pad till then.

The Outer Banks was a great place to be because Hurricane Leslie was spinning out at sea. It was nearly a perfect swell but the interval was a little high for the Southeast region. So when the swell arrived we checked a few surf spots but saw a lot of closeouts. Then Billy got a phone call about a secret spot that was working. We jammed our way to the spot and walked over a few dunes. As we saw the ocean and shore we were shocked at what we had come across. The swell was lined up as far you could see barreling down a right sandbar sort of like a backwards Skeleton Bay but not as perfect. We ran down the steep sand hill and grabbed our shit and sprinted back over the dunes. We were the second crew to paddle after Oliver Kurtz and Phillip Gould. As we started to lock into some golden crisp offshore tubes, one of our crew members Rob Brown took a rail to the forehead and needed to go to the hospital. It was a bummer for him as it was the beginning of the swell.  So after the hospital we ended up scoring this wave for the next few days. A couple standouts were Mark Yonkers, Benny B, Oliver Kurtz, Billy Hume and Blake Jones.

The next stop would be Long Beach, New York for the Right Coast Cup Un$ound Pro. So we left Nags Head at around 5:00pm and made it to our destination at 4:00am. We got a few hours of sleep and woke up just in time to make it to our heats. The waves were overhead and glassy for the first day and pretty much perfect contest conditions for high performance surfing. The standout of this event was  Blake Jones from Florida taking home the victory and a good chunk of cash.

The next one after that was the Belmar Pro in New Jersey. It was a fun event that saw nice waves in the finals.  The winner of the pro division was Michael Dunphy he put on a great performance in the final and was followed by Evan Thompson, Kalani David, and Mark Dawson. The winner of the Master's division was none other than Jersey loc Dean Randazzo but Juan Ashton gave him a hell of a run for the money.

When we were done in Jersey we had a week long gap before the next event. So we decided to roll back to Long Beach to surf with TJ Guimela and check out the city. We were very lucky to have a spot to chill and rest big thanks to the Guimela family for putting us up. We ended up scoring some pretty darn good waves. It was a very cool experience seeing the city of New York. I got to spend 9/11 there and it was very moving to say the least. I also got to see the House of Vans and witness a live performance by Band Of Horses.

We left New York to head back to The Outer Banks. We made a quick stop in Maryland to meet a few friends and crash out. We woke up and bailed as quick as possible. The Volcom Van was our main source of transportation but it got kinda stinky by the end of the trip. When we got to Kill Devil Hills we were greeted by Volcom's Daniel Terry who put us up in a nice house for the week. Next was the Volcom Cooterfish event which I helped out at. I also got to surf in Bill's and Nick's Dirty Pits event. It was an invite only event for mostly OBX Pro's and I was the wildcard. I ended up finding a barrel and a section to rotate off. I was stoked to take the win. Last but not least was The OBX Pro put on by WRV and Hurley. It was a skins event which means you can get money for each heat win. I was stoked to get a chance to help setup the event and meet the folks putting on the event. The main standout at this event was Aaron "Gorkin" Cormican from the start he put on a unstoppable performance.

Big thanks to Billy Hume, Ben ''Mullet'' Capron, TJ Guimela, Daniel Terry, Whalebone Surfshop, Unsound Surfshop, Jeff Myers, Matt Pruett and the rest of the eastern surf tribe.

Right Coast Cup 2012 from Eastern Surf Magazine on Vimeo.

                       Tropical Storm Leslie Leftovers from on Vimeo.

                                                                       VQS Cooterfish

                                                                WRV Hurley OBX Pro below
                                                            For more from OBX Pro      Go to
                                          New York


                                                                   Ben Mullet Capron

                                          Road trippin...

                                          Below is Billy Hume driving us to the Outer Banks
                                         Back to Cali
                                                                      Long Beach
                                                         Bud Light Lime Labor Day Cup              Jeanette's Pier
                                                              Kala Alexander and friend
     Oliver Kurtz, Dylan Goodale, Dege O' Connell, Chris Cote, Sean Moody, Ricky Whitlock

                                                                  C. J Kanuha
                                                         Benji and the groms
Cheyne Magnusson
                            Bud Light Lime Labor Day Cup party
    Checking a sick sandbar with Billy Hume, Blake Jones, Jeremy Johnston, and Mark Yonkers
                                                                   Outer Banks
                                         Unsound pro Finalist Blake Jones, and Gabe Kling Congratz
                                                             Made some cash
                                                              New  York

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