Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Classic Enough

 This year The Rincon Classic was really exciting and I was stoked to have surfed in it. The waves were pretty good on Saturday with clean green Queen walls. The next day saw a bit bigger surf and had more bump on the face. I saw a ton of divisions and every final was very fun to watch. The Mens was more stacked then ever, The Masters were ripping, and the Women were charging. One final that sticks out was the Longboard Final, Oliver Parker and Cole Robbins were going head to head with Cole focusing on more progressive surfing and classic doggie tricks, and Oliver switching foot and surfing the Queen with classic finesse. I am personally stoked with my finish of 3rd place. The Pro Final was really stacked and all the surfers were giving it their all. The southwest wind created a bump making it difficult to get speed or do real maneuvers. In the end Conner Coffin was the champ after putting his board on rail and surfing the point waves with great style. Congrats to Conner, Mike Mccabe, and Peter Mussio for all surfing an excellent event. Congrats to Mens Champ Simon Murdoch!! Congrats Demi on her Ninth Rincon Classic victory!! Congrats to Gabe Venturelli for highest heat total!!  Aaron Smith congrats on the Masters Win!! Tony Degroot GrandMaster's win congrats!! Kit Cossart congrats on a Legends win!! Abby Brown good job taking the Wahines!!
 Pat Curren great performance in the Juniors!! Congrats to Andres Barbieri for Most Insprational Performance award!! Boys Josiah Amico great job!! Also Mickey Clarke for an outstanding weekend!! Then last but not least the winner of the Gramlins Tommy Mckeown and Zane Booth congrats boys!!!
Big thank you to Chris Keets at surfhappens for always going an extra mile for the surfers from the area.

I am really hyped on this edit Nick Liotta and Adam Lambert put together!!!!

   Josh Pomer event filmer.
   Acai is great for the body.
  Abby Brown winner of the Wahines
   Need to get cracked? Talk to Alki.
   Da boys
   Britt Merrick is an awesome person to know.
   This is Classic...Chris Brown (Warp around) Petey (Give it to Tweety) Mussio
   Catherine Clark took a second in the Womens division, giving Demi a good battle for the win.
   The Coffin Brother's both put on a great display of surfing over the weekend.
   Oh hey ladies!!!
   The Shaaaub Man. (Dave Shauber and friend)
     Demi getting her game face on.

   Demi and Toyo from Salt Water Divas share a moment.  For more on Salt Water Divas click below
    This is a great choice for a before surf meal.
   My lady Caterina and I preheat.
    Young Gavin Eason stoked on some goods.
   Adam Lambert sucker face
   Roger Nance accepting a well deserved lifetime achievement award for helping The Rincon Classic run in the past.      
  The Longboard finalist were all stoked to surf the Queen.
    Cole Robbins showing off  his ukelele.
   The Mens division.
   The Sundance Beach crew.
   Andrew Bennett getting psyched.
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