Friday, August 19, 2011

Trip to Channel Islands

I recently made a visit to the Channel Islands Factory to visit. There was a brand new Rookie there for me (stoked!!!!) I also got to get my friend James Cummings from the Northeast of England a tour provided by Blake Howard. It was a good time as we walked through the biggest board manufacture in the U.S. The staff at Channel Islands is awesome they all work very hard to make sure people get the boards they ask for . It is crazy to see what a big brand it has developed into since I was a young lad.  I was so stoked to get my new board and sure enough James got his hands on a used Dagger. I then brought his board in my bag to England then it got handed off to another surfer, then made the ten hour trip back to James's house.I ended up riding his board in the contest I surfed in(Newquay Relentless Boardmasters)it went really good even though it was 5'8 1/2 and I am 6'3. I am super pumped on riding Channel Islands at the moment and I am more than happy to share a few shots from that day.Big thanks to Travis Lee, Scott Martinson, Blake Howard, Mike Walters, and the rest of the crew....
                           Scott Martinson and I in the board meeting room
                                Pat Gudang's magical stick!!!
                                Magic in the making.
                                Blake and I just checkin all the magic boards
                                                Ceiling hangers....
                                One of my favorite Dane ads
                                This was where the old factory was. Going down memory lane.
                                 One action shot...
                                 All photos taken by James Cummings, click here for James Cummings photo site

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