Monday, September 12, 2011

Bud Light Lime Labor day Cup Surf Bash (Iphone pics)

                 It was another epic contest put on by Benji Weatherley and the Bud Light Lime staff. The south swell that blessed the Billabong Pro in Tahiti ended up making its way to the Point in Ventura for an awesome weekend full of great surf. Every surfer in the event was performing well. In the end the event champion was Torrey Meister who put on a tremendous air show pulling off maneuvers like The Kerrupt flip and going ahead to finish it off with full 360 air reverse. It was great to watch guys like Sunny Garcia and The Beschen brothers destroy the C-street walls. Also Tim Curran put on an amazing show with sky high airs and going for a few of his patent backflips.Another standout was Nate Yeomans who came up close to taking the win punting airs into the wind.  The party put on by
Bud Light Lime was also epic with free food for competitors and staff alike going down at Rookees sports bar.  I would like to thank Benji for inviting me to this event,  I had a great time and cant wait for another one of its kind.
                                                      The view from the athletes zone.
                                                Adam Virs getting rad on his Sector 9
                                                                Lime Swamp of Ventura
                                                      This is the Bud Light Lime drink area
                                                      Gavin enjoys the views on the nice couches
    The boys had fun at the party hosted by Bud Light Lime, everyone watched some college football    when University of Hawaii got loud( picture above is of Joel Centeio Kekoa Bacalso Nate Yeomans)