Sunday, July 7, 2013

Bali Time #1 Canggu

This past trip to Bali was a true blessing. I got to experience nearly the whole Island. The waves are epic in Bali but if its not pumping there are plenty of really cool things to do. I had a wonderful travel companion my girlfriend Caterina to go on day trips to exotic places like The Monkey Forrest or Tannah Lot.  We had a blast together and felt like it worked out good for a couple's trip.  She was still entertained while I went surfing. It is kinda dreamy or feels like a cool movie while your there. The Island of Bali has something for just about everyone. A lot of people travel to Bali to find out more about their selves. I got to know more about my surfing as the waves give you a fair amount of time to react. 

It is getting more and more crowded every year and the building is growing as well. It was such a beautiful place but I did see a lot of trash and that was kinda a bummer. I did see efforts though from certain organizations that are trying to pick it up. It all goes to the ocean and the marine life is all very unique in Indonesia. After a few rain storms the water quickly changed colors and looked dangerous because of floating pieces of trash like plastic bags,sticks(with nails), coconuts and other random things. 

I spent some time in Canggu at the beginning of my trip which is a popping little surf area. It has sandy beaches and some healthy restaurants.  For me it was fun to have some variety in the surf spots and plenty of size.  It was a great spot for any level surfer and also cool for a photographer to capture the evening light or rice fields.  I will be posting more from other areas of Bali. Thank you for checking out my post!! Also keep up on Sundance Beach Blog

    The Temple at Echo Beach.
   Tannah Lot is a must see in Bali.
 Bali Bliss for Caterina
    The Duck-dive...
   The setup
    The moment
    After the moment

    The 2:00 O'clock special.
 After a long day of surfing it was awesome to see this sunset. 


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