Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bali Time 2 Ulu's

I had some good memories in Canggu, but it was time to take a taxi to The Bukit Peninsula. The Bukit has a very tropical feel with good size mountains and valleys. The Bukit was scattered with good surf and plenty of hotels. My first session was at Padang Padang and it wasn't firing but it only had a few guys out. As I came in from that session I saw Brad Gerlach surfing a peak across the channel so I decided to paddle back out. It was cool to run into Brad and he happened to be with one of Indo's best surfer's- Rizal Tanjung. Meeting Rizal was really cool after my long history of watching the many Taylor Steele videos that featured his amazing surfing.  I was excited to check out Uluwatu and get my first waves out there after so much hype. The next morning, I rented a scooter and made the drive to Ulu's with my lady Caterina on the back of the bike. I had a few issues finding it initially, but eventually a friend I saw pointed me in the right direction. I was really impressed by the views from out in the lineup. It felt amazing to see everything from that vantage point. It was also an experience paddling out through the large cave. After you surf, the local peanut gallery has your photo from several different angles on several different computer screens. If you ding your board in the cave or on a wave, they will also patch your stick right up for your next sesh. It is quite the experience and when you leave, getting to the top of the long flight of stairs will have you sweating. By then you are ready to immerse yourself into a nice room with the air conditioner on full blast.

    This is from the Monkey Temple around the corner from Uluwatu.
This was an abandoned hotel on the cliff. This was a cool spot where I would check the waves and                                        graffiti.

    The cave was intense at high tide but low tide was nice.
    This is at Temple's a section furthest up the reef at Uluwatu.  
    This was a real fun wave!!
    Bali Pig- Dog...
   This is the called the racetrack section. Super fun but a little tricky on the backhand. 

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